Small Symphonic Adagio

I'm looking for comments on my orchestration (I'm limited to 8 staves because I'm working in Finale Notepad), and the formal elements of this piece.  Is there a coherent form?  (My idea was to have a main theme that I repeated several times in different configurations, as well as some connecting material in between the main theme).  Where have I orchestrated poorly or well (if at all)?

Untitled #22.pdf

1380740168_jNKTtLJ4NQo50iYP51wS (1).mp3

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  • Well, I liked what little I heard. Did you intend it to be only 30 seconds or so? If so, it's off to a nice start. A nice full string sound. The various treatments of the theme make sense as they ascend in registers. Now comes the part: what comes next!

  • No it's supposed to be longer, sorry!  I'll fix that.

  • I can tell the basic idea you are trying to get across, but yes, take more time to develop the idea and move through more exposition.  I think your harmonization is clear, but the transitions need some work.  Maybe play with the tempo???

  • Alexander,

         I liked the melody and counter melody.  The middle section of chord progressions could have been longer before bringing back the main theme.  The eighth note accompaniment got a little laborious. You might have varied it with different instruments or changed the rythm.  Overall it was quite musical and easy to listen to.l


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