Small piano minature

Hello all!

I've lurked around these forums before but I thought I'd finally break through now with a small piece that I just finished.

It's under two minutes and was inspired by those 'limited tone' Ligeti piano pieces.. although certainly not in style. The notes used here are Eb, F and A across all octaves on the piano. I would like to think I pulled it off but I've been around it all week so I feel my opinion is abit jaded. Any formal critiques would be appreciated! Also, please be kind to the MIDI modelling

Also, the title is called 'Ripples' and I hope that comes across.

All best,


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  • edit, a minor fix

  • Well, given the three pitch-class constraint, I would definitely not consider this to be a harmonically driven piece! I would hope that the musicality is provided by the gestural shapes and the handling of dynamics and tension. Did the ostinato figure and the 'deceptive climax' near the end signal some sort of subdued resolution at all?

    Keep in mind that this was largely an experiment for myself in writing in a vaguely 'post-tonal' fashion..

  • It is very  nice!

    Not harmonically driven. but well put together, Melodic yet lacking a key centre. REALLY good melodic- and melodic phrase-wise.

    47 secs are a little short?


  • Oh dear, is it only playing for 0:47 seconds? The file should be a 1:49 seconds long..

  • I enjoyed this - nice and expressive.  I like the concept of this kind of pitch class limitation.  it can force one to be more creative and get more out of little.  is this a midi or real piano?  if midi, what software and piano samples did you use? 

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