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I've recently been looking at some web sites which offer to connect songwriters with singers.  These are not free discussion forums, but offer a service through which a songwriter can hire a performer to record their songs for a fee.  The purpose of this posting is to share my list of these sites (none of which I've yet used myself) and to ask if anyone has any experience of them which they would like to share here, and also to ask if anyone has other such websites that could be added to the list.  So please post here if you do.  Thanks.

The sites are:

Soundbetter (This is run by Spotify and seems to have the reputation of being the best but most expensive.)


Melody Nest

Music Gateway (Not just a site to connect with singers, but they offer such a service as part of their website.)



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  • I have used The Happy Choir. Run by Carlos Cordero, who sings all parts. He is a natural tenor and can sing in the alto range. He can also record in Soprano and Bass using falsetto and computer effects. He has charged me about $100 per piece for songs running 3-5 minutes. Not recording-level results but way better than Oohs and Aahs. Here's one song he did for me (he recorded both the Tenor and Alto parts). 


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