I have a question for you all. I am using Sibelius 3, and I'm on the verge of purchasing Sibelius 6. But I kind of understood that Sibelius is not the best thing to work with? I have no knowledge about the market of files in which to create your music. Does anyone have this knowledge? I do like to have better sound for my stuff that I'd like to post on my page, but I don't know how.

Then there is another question. I'd like to put some sheet music on my page as well. I can make a PDF file of my scores, but how do I put them on my page? 

Thanks a lot for the help!!


Hyun Jung

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  • Hi, (I'm repeating this - possibly - I'm not sure the 1st attempt got through).

    Here are three suggestions to keep you composing. Make of them what you will: (contests) (contest opportunities - re-mix contests) - for a small membership fee - (forum/membership/learning opportunities/clearing house for composition jobs) (membership/learning opportunities)

    I'm just getting started with Sibelius 6 - I like it. As with anything else there is a learning curve, take your time. Try things, you can't break it! The stuff I have tried on Sibelius has already saved me a bunch of writing time.

    Use FILE/Import for the PDF. I think that will work. The Sibelius 6 package I got came with Audio Score Lite, that might solve your problem and Photo Score Lite. I'm saving lots of time with these. Just be sure to keep track of your files and versions of files. I've bounce MIDI files back and forth between my current DAW and Sibelius have gotten good results.
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  • Excellent post, Chris.

    I was going to mention that there might be some exceptions to your 'need a DAW and MIDI controller- I was thinking of Trance and Electronica, etc. But, when I think of examples of good music in those genres, it still sounds like live MIDI performances are happening, rather than ultra-rigid music from notation programs. ...So- nevermind. :)

  • Well Chris, you're right in each word and thought. I do my best with guitar pro 5 and free sound fonts, just to hear how would sound my musical ideas - and to have a demo. The result is better than to simply elaborating arrangements for a quartet with beautyfull harmony and melody, just for never hear it. But i really gets frustrated by listening to a mechanical sound.

    I don't know much of musical technologies, you know there's so many options, and the fact that here where i live the goverment gets richer with tax, always made me stay far of all of this. Every stuff you need to make your music or anything else, gets 5 times more expensive. It's something absurd. But, do what?


    I have to thank you all for expressing your strong conviction about the method of recording music. I begin to consider doing a modest investment on midi instruments, like a guitar and a keyboard, and trying get a new kind of experience with my creations.

  • Thanks for your encouragement Chris, i must agree with you that producing music became more accessible today. If you have a computer, 50% of the work is done, the rest is by your account. And the technologic development is the great responsible for this. And also responsible for the paradox: progress versus decadence of almost everything on earth. 


    If you want to figure it in a dialectical formula, I guess it should be:

    1- Thesis - technological progress.
    2- Antithesis - moral values decay.
    3- Synthesis - the trivialization of ethics.
    (just kidding!)


  • Dear all.


    Thanks for all your replys. So, now I have to think about what's best. There are a lot of possibilities I can think  of. 


    Best regards, Hyun Jung

  • I use Sibelius 6, it's great! For me the best thing is that you will be able to create clean scores in no time, ever had problems with overlapping lines, symbols, text and even staves? Just select a passage (I normally select the entire document) then go to Layout - Optimize Staff Spacing. It works like magic. Another thing is that Sibelius will automatically create all of the parts of your piece within the score file, so no more extracting parts!
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