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 This centers around the question of what you might use as building blocks for music and why you might discard something you worked on.This likely differs with the composer.

I began this several days ago with no real direction. Things I like about it- I like the combination of instruments, bouzouki, drums, violin, flute and an elvish voice singing in the background.

Things I dislike about it - It needs to break away from AM in a big way. Tempo might be a bit slow. I could see maybe taking the beginning A minor idea and moving into some new territory. I was shooting for a celtic sound and this ended up sounding almost like Asian music. I need to look at changing the mode. I think the high violin added to that. Not necessarily a bad thing . I really think I would be ok pitching it in the bin and starting over.

Would you do the same? 

Here's the file. ANGEL OF THE POND  it's a link to my Google drive and is a wave file so it might not be as apt to load on some browsers ( fingers crossed).

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Thanks for comments on this. I hear you. I guess the issue mainly is I hardly ever go back to anything I've set aside and use it. If I can't get a reasonable facsimile of at least something doable I usually shelve it indefinitely. I mean, I always intend to do something with it but seldom do.

I just did another one that I don't think I'll use. I decided to go 100% acoustic with bouzouki, guitar, flute, violin,shaker. We never intend to make things we don't think we will keep. I thought it sounded great the night I made it. Now...not so much. 

I don't think I've had this long a run of stinkers for a long time lol. Of course a few here might think they've never heard a good one from me. :)  The acoustic thing I made felt good to be away from software for awhile. That was probably the only thing I liked about it.

Thanks again for comments.

Ingo Lee said:

Tim I agree with others that there is nothing to gain form throwing stuff away unless space becomes an issue. The problem for me at least is that it is difficult to keep track of all the bits and pieces. It's one thing to find some scrap of paper and think, "Oh no, that's ridiculous, I'll never use that!". But just as likely it's: "I have that already somewhere, but now I have to redo it."

So anyway the piece you have posted has some attractive sounds which could certainly be useful in some situations. It is also "static" so it doesn't have as much appeal to your fellow composers in stand alone form.

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