Should Composers' Forum Continue?

Hello Colleagues,

Composers' Forum has been around about 12 years and it's now time to consider if it should continue. There are many boards and web sites out there, plus reddit, plus facebook, so there are plenty of places composers can go to to have discussions with each other. Many of these sites offer free membership, as does Composers' Forum. But Composers' Forum is not free to the admins who run it - it costs $599 a year to keep going. Admins have been paying this cost since the site began, out of a love for music composition. We've asked the members to voluntarily contribute each year to help pay for the site, with limited success, amounting to at best about 10% of this cost. So this year is a decision year - it's now up to you, the members, to decide if this site has had its time and should close down or continue if you would be willing to help pay to keep it going. I'm hosting this discussion so you can share any thoughts you have on this. The site license is up for renewal at the end of October, I will make a decision whether or not to renew it sometime in September, in part, based on anything that comes from this discussion - 

Gav Brown
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  • Thanks Stephen, at present, it’s just me

  • Very well said Stephen---

    I have been homeless in the past for a very short time so I sincerely know what it is to be dirt poor...

    But I cant understand ANYONE not being able to contribute something here when they can somehow afford to be online, and have equipment to compose music on, etc..

    Skip a coffee or a pack of smokes, and CONTRIBUTE..dont leave it for others to do while you take a free ride and use the forum when you REALLY could (and SHOULD) contribute something. Help us ALL out!!!

    Gav does helluva job and  LOTS of work, and to expect him to also then fork out his own money to pay the upkeep here is simply unconscionable.

    If someone is really, sincerely so poor they cant afford even a few dollars, you  have my sympathies as I do understand.

    But again I think many here CAN afford  a few bucks and are simply letting others  foot the bill while they ride for free..and this really isnt fair to anyone..

    PLEASE find it in your heart--and wallets--to contribute SOMETHING!

    Thanks Bob

    Stephen Lines said:


    Just how many admins are there...I have always been under the impression it’s just you?

    As you know, I’ve already contributed twice this time around but am willing to donate a bit more if necessary. There seem to be a number of regular contributors to CF and I assume they do so because they get something out of CF that they don’t get I don’t understand the reluctance to donate even a small sum.

    I reiterate Bob’s sentiments - you do a damned good job here and CF is a credit to your erudition and effort - it seems most unfair that you should have to pay for it as well!

    Come on guys and gals, let’s show a bit more willing here.

  • Another donation has been made for 35.00, thanks so much! 468.10 has been received, 130.90 additional needed to pay for the annual fee

  • Deadline extended to 9/9/19. 468.10 has been received, 130.90 additional needed to pay for the annual fee

  • Everything helps, and with this member base there is no reason it cannot be member-funded.

    Absolutely Michael!

    Should Composers' Forum Continue?
    Hello Colleagues, Composers' Forum has been around about 12 years and it's now time to consider if it should continue. There are many boards and web…
  • A new donation for $10, thank you! 478.10 has been received, 120.90 additional needed to pay for the annual fee

  • My pension could survive some inroads but my concern is what happens if the target is not met. Does the money go back to the doners before the site closes down or is it held in a virtual pot? How is the financial side of things managed is my question really. I also have to wonder what the 700$ buys. I am assuming running costs because there are other forums offering similar feedback without requets for money so why couldn't interested memebers move over to a free to run forum with the same structure that doesn't cost the owner money?

    I am sorry if this is rude but I have to voice these concerns.

  • Hi Charles, all reasonable questions. Answers:

    1) if the site closes, all donations will be refunded. They are in a PayPal account, so it can be done with the click of a button.

    2) Why pay instead of go to a free site? Well, if you look at my OP on this thread, you'll see that I am asking the same question. The only reason to pay is if you see a value in this site that is worth paying for. If you feel that everything you get here you can get somewhere else, it doesn't make sense to donate. I am perfectly prepared to shut the site down if people don't find it worth paying for, and by donating or not donating, the membership here is telling me their preference.

    One other thing: what the $599 buys: Ning technology, which powers this site and allows the features here to operate, such as flowing all discussions to the home page. There are other features Ning provides, can supply a list if there is interest.


  • New donation for $10, thank you! 488.10 has been received, 110.90 additional needed to pay for the annual fee

  • New donation for $110, bringing the total to $599. Composers' Forum has met its goal and will continue. Thanks to all who donated!

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