Should Composers' Forum Continue?

Hello Colleagues,

Composers' Forum has been around about 12 years and it's now time to consider if it should continue. There are many boards and web sites out there, plus reddit, plus facebook, so there are plenty of places composers can go to to have discussions with each other. Many of these sites offer free membership, as does Composers' Forum. But Composers' Forum is not free to the admins who run it - it costs $599 a year to keep going. Admins have been paying this cost since the site began, out of a love for music composition. We've asked the members to voluntarily contribute each year to help pay for the site, with limited success, amounting to at best about 10% of this cost. So this year is a decision year - it's now up to you, the members, to decide if this site has had its time and should close down or continue if you would be willing to help pay to keep it going. I'm hosting this discussion so you can share any thoughts you have on this. The site license is up for renewal at the end of October, I will make a decision whether or not to renew it sometime in September, in part, based on anything that comes from this discussion - 

Gav Brown
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  • Thanks Michael, I am glad that Composers' Forum will continue and that enough members agreed to make it happen -

  • Gav, magically a terrific donation of $110 has been received and I have a sneaking feeling I know who made it (don't answer that).

    However, I'm sure we are all delighted that CF will continue at least for another year (hopefully for the next 20 years or more). You've no doubt given the subject a great deal of thought but have you come to a decision regarding making it a subscription Forum, and if so what would you estimate the annual subscription would be (allowing for the inevitable drop out of a percentage of participants resulting from the change)?

    You run a tight ship here and CF is a most professional set-up as a result - so congratulations and thank you.

    Gav Brown said:

    New donation for $110, bringing the total to $599. Composers' Forum has met its goal and will continue. Thanks to all who donated!

    Should Composers' Forum Continue?
    Hello Colleagues, Composers' Forum has been around about 12 years and it's now time to consider if it should continue. There are many boards and web…
  • Hi Stephen,

    I have looked into the possibility of making it a payfor forum and the big stepping-stone there is that it costs $25 a month to add the e-commerce module which is necessary in order to do that. This would have the effect of increasing the cost of the site by 50% (the current cost of $599 annual amounts to $50 per month, which would go up to $75 a month), so you can imagine my reluctance to take that route. I have also explored the possibility of doing it without adding the e-commerce module (by requiring a donation before accepting a membership request, for example) and for various reasons find that route unappealing. Nonetheless, nothing is off the table. One other possibility is by adding e-commerce along with an upgrade to Ning 3.0 (we are currently on Ning 2.0) and seeing how the finances work out from that. I have been reluctant to adopt Ning 3.0 for two main reasons - 1) It's been around for 7 years and judging from what other Ning site managers are saying about upgrading, it's been for some of them a nightmare, and 2) Some key features in Ning 2.0 go away in Ning 3.0 - namely the ability to directly upload music files and video files. But upgrading is also not off the table. Now that we are covered for another year, I will probably take another look at 3.0, which is constantly evolving, to see if either of those features have been added back in and to see what the finances would be.

    But all that will be a bit down the road, today I just want us all to be happy that we have a decent, civil place to share our music with each other in an environment that lacks the acrimony and pejorative qualities I see on many other boards (which to me is the greatest aspect of this site). Thanks especially to you for your donations and boostering, I have no doubt it helped other donors to make up their minds to contribute -


  • Great news Gav, thanks again!

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