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Hello colleagues,

As you know, membership in Composers’ Forum is free. The site is not free to keep going however. It costs $599 a year, which is paid to Ning, the company that provides the technology that powers the site. Our current license is paid through the end of October, at which time the fee for the coming year will need to be paid. Last year, the members stepped up during our annual fund raising drive, which will officially run in the month of September, and paid the fee. Since we are now approaching September, it’s time to put the question out there: do you want to continue using Composers’ Forum? Show it by contributing to the fundraiser when it starts (you can also donate before then and anything you contribute will count towards the annual fee). There are many competing sites out there, on FB and on free discussion boards, Reddit, 4Chan, and who knows where else. It will be up to the membership to decide if those services are where the future is, or whether we should continue. This thread is open to any comments or questions you may have about continuing Composers" Forum -

Gav Brown
Site Manager
Composers’ Forum

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Doesn't look like it's going to make it this time. I contributed so I'll try to post one more piece before it closes.

I can't understand the stinginess. I have to pay £40 p.a to the London forum to be allowed to do anything. Maybe time that Gav insisted on a membership payment if people want it to continue.

Going to be a few sad goodbyes here.

Why do you say this Dane? How far are we from the goal?

We've both contributed, Liz, but it's dismaying. It isn't fair, Gav having to pay the last $200 to let a bunch of people happy to ride on others' backs and get the benefits of being able to post, seek help, critique and that.

Ok, no doubt a few can't afford a contribution and I'll bet that collectively we're understanding, able to accommodate them but I'll also bet there are those who can - presumably they don't care.

It really isn't my place to rant, Liz, even a low level rant, so if Gav deletes this post I wouldn't carp. 

Hence being ready to say my goodbyes on 31 Oct....

Hi Dane,

Well, my contribution was fairly small. I was wondering if you knew where Gav's current total of member contributions stood at this point. But if we're really only $200 short, I would be willing to put up matching funds to any gift of $100 or less to get us closer to the goal, if not over the line.

This is directed to the group, not to you, Dane, as I know you've contributed.

I'm quite serious: this is a great and valuable forum and it would be a crying shame to let it die.

Hi Liz,

The running total is under the "announcements" heading in the middle of the MAIN page.

My contribution wasn't huge, Liz, but I reckoned maybe 15 or so would match it and the bill would be paid. Didn't seem a big ask. I donated the same as I pay for membership of another forum. I'm not wealthy. Far from it but none of this stuff comes free and this forum doesn't rely on revenue from ads. I'm happier it doesn't, especially those distracting, annoying animated ads. I'd lose out if that happened as I'd switch on the ad-blocker and probably not be allowed in! 

Thanks, Dane.

Okay, I see that we need $204 to keep the site running. I assume that's updated as of today - the last update says August 29.

Well, my offer stands then. I'll match anyone's gift, or several people's gifts, up to $100 - that's the max total I'll contribute above the measly amount I already did. I'm not wealthy either, but this site is valuable to me and hopefully to others as well. I really don't want to see it die. But if no one cares enough to accept the challenge, well then, I'm not going to shoulder the cost alone.

So folks, it's up to you. Do we want to keep this site going, or not?

I'm running late as usual, just put my contribution in the mail and gave Gav the details, it should arrive well before the 30th.  Of course our post office in the US has some issues lately so we'll have to keep an eye on it, but it is insured. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

Thanks Ingo!

We are very close to goal, less than $100 remains to ensure the site will continue. To anyone who uses the site, but has not yet contributed: even a small donation of just $5 or $10 would help! 

Looks like it's gone remarkably quiet since the call for contributions was made.

Maybe someone should tell the freeloaders that they can come back now. No need to be ashamed!!!


Hi Dane, there was a notice that we had met goal on the homepage for a week - everyone will eventually figure it out I'm sure

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