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Hello colleagues,

As you know, membership in Composers’ Forum is free. The site is not free to keep going however. It costs $599 a year, which is paid to Ning, the company that provides the technology that powers the site. Our current license is paid through the end of October, at which time the fee for the coming year will need to be paid. Last year, the members stepped up during our annual fund raising drive, which will officially run in the month of September, and paid the fee. Since we are now approaching September, it’s time to put the question out there: do you want to continue using Composers’ Forum? Show it by contributing to the fundraiser when it starts (you can also donate before then and anything you contribute will count towards the annual fee). There are many competing sites out there, on FB and on free discussion boards, Reddit, 4Chan, and who knows where else. It will be up to the membership to decide if those services are where the future is, or whether we should continue. This thread is open to any comments or questions you may have about continuing Composers" Forum -

Gav Brown
Site Manager
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Dane Aubrun said:

Just donated. 

I just TRIED (unsuccessfully) to donate. I tried to donate using a credit card. When I clicked Donate, I was informed that I had to "sign up" for PayPal even though I was trying to donate using a credit card and NOT PayPal. When I supplied a password and clicked again, I was told that I couldn't use that email address because it was already associated with a PayPal account, which is true.

So I'm sorry to say, your Donate dialog is broken. I would be happy to donate to this site which I find quite valuable, but I am not going to go through the hassle of creating a second account here, associated with a second e-mail address, just so that I can create a second PayPal account to donate using the credit card option INSTEAD of PayPal.

If there is an easier way to do this, please let me know.

Hi Liz,

Thanks for your comment. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account in order to donate. See PM from me - 


Sorry, I should have tried again. Now I did, and this time it did not force me to "sign up for PayPal" and the donation went through without a hitch. The only difference was that the first time I got to the forum by clicking on a link in a notification email, then navigated to the website front page before clicking on Donate, this time I went directly to the front page by URL. I recall that it looked slightly different the first time. Not sure what happened. Anyway, you have my donation, with gratitude for making this site available to all of us.

Thanks Liz, and glad to hear you got past it -

A bit of a shame that members seem reluctant to donate. Terrible if the site were to go. Interesting that a few names seem to have disappeared from the scene once the issue of fund raising cropped up. I hope the target can be met by the end date.


So is the September fund drive effective now?  I haven't seen it announced with a specific posting.  Maybe there should be one.

It's at the top centre of "Main".

Yes it's live

Hey, Gav.  Just donated. Thanks for your work here!  Cheers!

Thanks Gregorio, I got it!

Deadline to reach goal is 9/30/20 at midnight EST

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