• Hi Kjell,

    Beutiful but always beautiful...  Contrasts are too sublime to be percieved.

    Mostly tonal or dissonant...

    Thanks for sharing.  

    By the way extremely tender.


    • Thank you Ali,

      I plan for an orchestral version, like Mascagni did. Maybe this will give me a chance to increase contrast.

      Best wishes

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    • Thank you Dave, good to hear that.

  • Det är skönt att man får lyssna utan kostnad!? Anyway, there are some really nice things here. From the intensification at 1'30" there are some lovely queasy harmonies and the move into the major from 2'35" is really quite beautiful and the next half minute or so remains inspired. The NotePerformer (if it is that that) solo strings are not great in lyrical music but good enough to make the music enjoyable.

    • Thank you David,

      truly happy you listened so thoroughly. Ahhh, I thought NP had good strings, but maybe I compare with my previous Garritan only.


      • in comparison with Garritan, they are certainly an improvement.But I never really found the solo strings convincing. I find that the nasty fizziness can be tamed by reducing the vibrato (CC105) to a value of somewhere between 20 and 40. Worth trying anyway! Orchestral strings are somewhat less of an issue but I still feel they are weaker than the other sections in NP. My own chamber works use either VSL or Cinematic Studio -- you can easily decide for yourself if you think that's improvement or not.

  • Good to hear from you Kjell, a very peaceful and romantic piece you have written.  Thanks for posting.

    • Thank you Ingo,

      nice to hear from you again. I will try to increase contrasts in the next version, as Ali proposed, so the contrasting part will be a bit more dramatic. We'll see.


  • Beautiful music.

    I can listen to this all day.

    Very romantic and relaxing sounds.

    Thanks for tyhis.


    • Happy to read your meassage, Rene.

      Much appreciated feedback.


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