Short String Piece

Hi, I've rearranged a short string piece to suit EWQLSO (and Cubase Artist 6).  The trick was selecting the right samples (obviously there are more than one sample to each instrument) to suit the voices I wanted and re-orchestrating parts that would now sound better that I had more voices to choose from.  It might not sound like it, but there was in fact, a lot of work that went into this composition (although it will remain in my portfolio, as it is too short to be considered for performance) as well as production.


I'd appreciate your comments.





Short String Piece.mp3

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  • I love how it's written! but the legato aren't that smooth? especially in the 3rd bar (well if it is intended don't mind me), what version of SO do you use? I have gold, but I think I need to buy something else. so there! I like the piece!


  • Thanks Kane.  I've taken a look at the score and there is a significant break between a half note and a quarter note from the third to the fourth bar that is intended, so what might appear to be legatoless at that point is in fact intentional.


    Legato strings have always been the ultimate nut to crack with library manufacturers, and it is only now in the very modern libraries that you'll find the next best thing to live players where legato strings are concerned.  I'm talking about Hollywood Strings and LA Scoring Strings, which aren't the cheapest libraries in the world, certainly way out of my league (although I believe LASS have produced a lesser version of their library called LASS Lite that might be worth taking a look at.


    In the meantime, with EWQLSO Gold (which is the one I have as well), as with all my previous libraries, I have to create my own legato by overlapping on the key editor, which is a bit laborious but worth it if you don't want that stiff stilted sound that you always get.


    Anyway, I'm glad you liked the piece.  Thanks for listening.






    p.s.  If you think you need to buy something else, my humble advice (for what it's worth) would be something to enhance 'gold', rather than another library.  'Gold' is still a great library and, up until a few years ago, was the ultimate orchestra library (apart from VSL) for professional composers/producers. 

  • oh thanks for your advice! and it's only been a year since I bought that, I think I need to study it more. btw how did you compose this? first you write it in a music score software then import it in your DAW? or you actually played it?
  • This is really beautiful simon! I wish i had half of whatever drugs you're taking :D 


    I don't have any real concerns except, what are you using for the top string(s) sound? It sounds really artificial, almost like garritans O___O and with the bass and horn samples sounding so good, the top strings (Vln 1 section or something) sounded.... not so good lol. 


    And as to the legato discussion, if it's possible, just run your melodies you want to be legato through a gverb or echo synth... i can't really suggest how you might do that... but i mean, If done right it would be a lot easier :3

  • Hi Chris!


    he uses EWQLSO GOLD. though I'm not so sure but I think he wrote it first in a notation software (sibelius, finale, etc.) then he import it on his DAW then just change the patch, that's why it sounded artificial for some reason, again I'm not sure.


  • I really enjoyed this piece.  PLEASE DON'T keep it as a miniature locked in a digital closet!  I think you could expand this piece of music and explore the psychological nuances.  My untrained ears found the sound good.  You might try adding reverb to the legato, but I like this particular mix.  :)
  • I like the movement in this...  There seem to be two `factions` of strings who have an interesting interaction, and a nice result...
  • This piece is very much to my liking...  Great movement throughout.  Nice developments of central themes...  Not too long>>>  Short and sweet.  Thanx for sharing Simon.
  • Thanks guys.  Ann, I'm not sure what you mean by psychological nuances.  It is supposed to be a short piece trying to emulate classical counterpoint as opposed to baroque.
  • its a good piece in the baroque style. Bach would be proud to see you using some of his techniques (do i hear second inversion chords?), but i dont think the piece has any real "gesture" or drama. no memorable themes. it is well composed. but... lacking in real feeling. but then that's often the way with baroque pieces... music for the sake of pretty music. string sounds are pretty good, but i think miroslav trumps them ;)
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