• Thank you Bob.

    Well, the feedback i like to recieve is
    1 does it sound well in your ears?
    2 is it technical right?
    3 how can i make it sounds richer and more full? ( or maybe its ok)
    4 this is composed without any sort of compression or eq.

    I am interested in making music for trailers, movie, game, docu's
    Like audiomachine and two steps from hell for example.

    And i really love to make that kind of music.
    it heals me.

    Thank you
  • Hi bob
    thanks for your reply

    With thechnically right i mean if it fits all together, because this genre is a little new
    for me. Is it done well? Or maybe someone can give me tips for the composition.

    The instruments used are
    ewql gold
    ewql silver
    ewql gold pro
    ewql stormdrums
    And a selfmade sample ( the one you will hear when the music starts)

  • I listened to your soundtrack music and it's fine but a little generic. I think your on the right track and it's fine to emulate other's music but you'll need to start taking chances, looking inward and believing in yourself while at the same time being aware of what is needed to enhance the visual medium. That's what craftsmanship is all about. Walking a fine line between expressive composing and producing a salable product. It's also about hard work and not giving up in a very competitive business.
  • @ bob

    Instruments are used
    strings ensemble
  • Bob, composers for epic media music don't pay attention to instrumentation. They just write what sounds good, or copy what they've heard from other DAW sound designers. They don't know what saxophones or clarinets are for, and even the trumpet, of all things, is dying because epic composers think of John Williams when the trumpet has the melody. Something y'all are getting confused about also is that y'all think their goal is to write a full composition. It is not, their pieces are normally short, less than 2 minutes, written to describe a mood or emotion.
  • If you want to get serious in this, here are just some recommendations off the top of my noodle:
    Strings: Hollywood Strings, LASS, Orchestral Tools, Cinestrings, and Spitfire
    Brass: Cinebrass, Sample Modeling, Spitfire, Soundiron Brass Symphony Series Brass Collection
    Woodwinds: Orchestral Tools
    Percussion: Cinesamples, Damage, Spifire
    Harp: Cineharp
    Synths: Zebra
    Piano: Malmsjo, Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano, Steinway Model D, Cinesamples Piano in Blue, Garritan CFX, The Grandeur
    Reverb: Spaces, Altiverb, Valhalla
    Choirs: Soundiron, Cinesamples
    Epic Orchestral Ensembles: Spitfire Albion Series, Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 1
    Organ: Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ
    Other Stuff: Kontakt Full Version, Virtual Sound Stage

    EQ is very important when working with samples, almost every time you need to cut the low end to avoid build-up, have a clean sound, and cut noise.
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