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This is a short little ambient experiment I call "Drift Study #1 - A Short Break".  This miniature clocks in at barely over 2 minutes, but the feeling of weightlessness underscoring it is designed to make that short break seem like something longer than 2 minutes. So, if you're so inclined, I would recommend slipping on a good pair of headphones, closing your eyes, listening to the minute details, and just letting go. Don't expect a melody or form or anything like that - this one is strictly all about texture.




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  • I listened four or five times, with the Beyerdynamics, slippers, feet up, as you suggested. You’re correct to say this is strictly about texture as I was so absorbed to that aspect I completely missed that a single motif is cycling through the whole thing. I heard it, clear as a bell, after I spotted the phrase on your SC page. Is that part of the intent….to have something in plain view so disguised as to be invisible?

    Beautiful work. I could go on listening.  --Ray

    • Ray, thanks so much for listening to this, and multiple times no less (no other feedback could be more gratifying!).

      Hey, how do you like your Beyerdynamics anyways? I'm in the market for a new pair of cans, and even though I've tended to be partial to Grado over the years, I've seen Beyerdynamic's name pop up repeatedly recently and I'vebeen curious. Do you love yours?  Would you recommend?


      • Hi, Frank- yes, I recommend them. I have the open back DT880 for hifi listening. For tracking in the studio and mixing I have the dt770 closed back. Both neither seem to emphasize nor attenuate any particular frequency. Both make music listening comfortable and non-fatiguing. The construction is very good and the dt770 has a replaceable headband. What attracted me to consider them are those big fluffy ear pads, and let me tell you, These are very very comfortable on the head and ears. For some reason, I can't remember, I purchased the 80ohm version of the dt770, and it's output, and sonic quality is just terrific when plugged into a mixer, synth and digital piano. Yea, highly recommended. -Ray 

        • Thanks for those tips, Ray.  I checked out both models online and they look beautiful (and comfy!).  I was pleasantly surprised by the price points as well, as I had assumed a brand like that might cost more.  Now I'm curious how they might compare to my studio go-to AKG K271s that I'm thinking of upgrading.  As you described for the BDs, these are quite neutral in terms of colouration, but not as loud as any of my old Grados ever were. I'm humming and hawing between whether to go back to that or maybe just go for a more upscale version of what I have now.  Anyways, cheers and thanks again. I'll no doubt be heading to my local headphone shop (the Headphone Bar here in Vancouver: https://headphonebar.com/) to check those out. Cheers!


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          • Hi, Frank - sorry for the delayed reply. I checked out the headphone bar site. You are so lucky to have a such a place nearby. Here, in Northern NJ, so many of the outlets for music and hifi equipment have closed. We're mostly forced to order online and keep fingers crossed that what's delivered satisfies. Not so bad... but I miss in-store comparisons.   Please let me know what you ultimately decide upon. And, yes, for the contruction and sonic qualities of the BD's I purchased, I feel I got my money's worth. --Ray

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