• It has a lot of nice changes.  I can learn so much just from listening to the way you smoothly transitioned to a different ambiance but kept the same overall feeling.  Excellent!
  • Another stunning piece of work.
    The delicate opening is interesting and beautifully produced, and as has already been said the transition is superb.

    The big crescendo reminded me of the soundtrack to 'Point of No Return' by Hans Zimmer.


    Anyway, someone should hire you.  I'd buy an album of your work tomorrow for pleasure and inspiration.

  • This is a breathtaking composition! I really can't put a finger on anything I would change, so I'll tell you what I think works well. First, the vibes and high piano have a great harmonic tone together, giving it a very feminine and fragile sound. When the strings come in I can imagine a beautiful young woman smiling, dancing. Then when the timpani comes in is really when the song captures the listener. I interpret this part as a woman in her prime experiencing life to the fullest. As it mellows out, and slows down I imagine and older woman, reflecting on her life. There is some regrets there, but for the most part, she is pleased her life, and passes on. Again, great work!
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