I was a bit reticent to post this because it's not a through-composed piece; it's just a somewhat short solo bass guitar improv on an Irish traditional tune. But if the premise is acceptable that improvisation equals "instant composition", then perhaps you will indulge me. Warts and all.  

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/frank-paul-918241242/she-moved-through-my-pint-solo-bass-improv-on-irish-traditional

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        • I'm glad to hear your response to the Turangalila, Ingo!  It has, for a very long time, been my absolute most favourite symphonic work, of any era and any composer.  The epic/cosmic scale of the thing, combined with the then-modern innovation of tying in electronics, as you mention, via the Ondes, really just clicks for me.  The only other works that I prefer almost as much are Bartok's Piano Concerto's 1 and 2.  

      • "I did indeed separately mention the Turngalila Symphony, but on second thought decided to pull my post on that because I thought some people might have thought my comment a little silly :-)"

        Yes, they may have thought you were Messiaen about. 

        (Oh dear, sorry for that... must be the Scotch...) Well, this topic is about your work so I'll only mention as an aside I've never got on with his work except for the Quartet for the End of Time and Harawi, both of which I love. 

        (Dane hurriedly leaves the stage...)


        • That yin made me roar, it did. :-)


  • Hi Paul,

    Got round to listening to this at last, and WHAT a lovely piece. Relaxed, tranquil.

    You playing? The mood entirely fitted with the picture on the left of the Soundcloud play panel. Well executed. I could have listened to this for far longer. You evidently have a way with improvisation. 

    I presume it was a pint of Guiness! One needs to take one's time with such.

    My only comment is the question: do you really need the harp at the intro and outro? It stands alone nicely without and should be at least twice the length to really relax into it.

    A most pleasant listen.



    • Dane - thank you!  I cannot tell you how much your comments really made my day!  :-)  Based on what you said, I might need to go back to the drawing board and make this piece longer form.  I see what you're saying about the harp. Yeah, that could be jettisoned. I just wanted to find a way to segue into the performance, maybe by creating a bit of "mood". I had recently heard an arrangement of the tune for harp and Irish flute which had really enchanted me, so I think in the back of my mind I was trying to import a little tiny bit of that into my take. But I agree, it's probably extraneous at best here.

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