I was a bit reticent to post this because it's not a through-composed piece; it's just a somewhat short solo bass guitar improv on an Irish traditional tune. But if the premise is acceptable that improvisation equals "instant composition", then perhaps you will indulge me. Warts and all.  

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/frank-paul-918241242/she-moved-through-my-pint-solo-bass-improv-on-irish-traditional

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                • Both a witty quote and one that makes you think!

  • Hi, unfortunately, I have never heard the song in the original, but I can say with confidence that this improvisation can become a self-sufficient work. As an improvisation by Charles Parker - Donna Lee)

    • Ah yes, Donna Lee, the aspirational jazz bass solo vehicle for all Jaco enthusiasts!  :-)  


  • Really liked the improvisation. How did you approch this? Plug the bass, play, and record, then add another instrument (keys?)? Or do you have a "structure" in mind first that follows the traditional tune you mentioned? Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks Sam. To be really honest, I just kind of threw this track together from some practice clips that I had laying around in Ableton. That synth harp intro was part of an arrangement I was working on for a small ensemble also including Irish flute and fiddle (which I had abandoned). The bass part goes through the verse of the title song twice, but each time was recorded separately and saved as separate clips. I really had no intention of using any of this material for anything and was about to delete the files when the thought occurred to me to see if I could combine them in a short, fairly minimal arrangement.  For the solo sections, I simply learned the melody of the tune straight to begin with, and on the recordings just kind of noodled around with it at will. It was all pretty random.

      • Thanks for explaining your steps in creaating the piece, Frank. Thank God you didn't delete the files :)

        • Aw man, that's too kind Sam!  Cheers mate! :-)

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