• Thanks Raymond,

    ironically - I don't play. But I know someone who does, and is a great composer too. We met last week and will be meeting again soon. Look him up - Julian Cochran/Mazurka No. 2 on youtube. Thanks again. Mark Nicol.

  • Thank you Frederick and Bob,

    I've kind of disappeared from the site because it wasn't productive for me really. However, perhaps I should just stay in message contact - not just for my own music, but so that I can reciprocate - where I feel it is truly worthwhile. Hope you are both still producing. Will check that out later this week. Don't worry Frederick, I see plenty of faults in my own compositions - mainly technical. Some have to be dealt with as inevitable shortcomings, others can be overcome. Still, one can take heart from some truly great composers - who had obvious shortcomings. Better to overcome, if possible.

    Best wishes to you both. Can you possibly post directions to your latest works to my email - ???


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