I have a friend who is a gifted flutist(an amateur and student like me), and she inspired me to write a short solo work for flute.

While she really enjoyed the piece I wrote, her only headaches were the modulations: either placing them in between sixteenth note rhythms, or she wanted me to keep using accidentals from the previous key to give her more time to adjust.

Experienced flutists are welcome to comment on this as well; I'd like to know if there is any passage here that a flutist would strongly dislike. I also want to know if you found this boring, maybe suggest ways to keep the listener's attention longer.


serenade for flute.mp3

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  • You have some good ideas here I think, you introduce motifs and do variations on them, you have some interesting rhythmic ideas and modulations as well.  The performance and recording are very good as well.  I think you have a few too many dotted 1/4 notes and some of the passages remind me a little of exercises which may not help with holding our interest.

    The flute has a certain vocal quality to it and you are not writing abstractly, so our ears expect something conversational, and conversations have a certain unity and implied meaning, even when we don't understand the words. I think you should work more from a central idea or feeling, rather than assemble phrases that you may like.  Another well known approach is to let yourself be guided by a known work that you admire, even copy it to some extent.  You can always call it "Homage a _____".   All artists do this of course,

    " Good artists copy, great artists steal " - attributed to Picasso

    I hope to hear more from you!

  • Have to agree with Ingo, that it needs more thematic cohesion, continuity. I remember reading a book on composition, and the author was discussing the first composition he created in university. He packed it full of different motifs. The instructor told him to reuse; people like some repetition, it creates structure. It's a nice little piece of music, but it was losing me near the end.
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