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I have had a few projects in the past that I have done for free(when I was coming up) and have charged less than 1,000 for a short film. I know it's a major problem but I always tend to think that charging more than 1,000 (at least for me) especially for short films is like charging an arm and a leg. My question is, how did you guys get out of that mindset. I value my work but I know I tend to sell myself short and it not only hurts me but the composing industry as well. For me, when I do charge more than I usually charge it seems to drive away clients they seem as if I'm pulling their teeth when I give them the cost of my service.

So, what do you say is good amount of $ to charge for short films?Is it best to have a flat rate across the board or...

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  • I'd say have them make the first move when asking you to do the project. Then if it's under [x] (x being less than 900) charge them 1,500.

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