Selling your music online survey

Hello colleagues,

Do you offer your music for sale online? Sell sheet music? Audio files? Something else? Any success?  Share your story. Here's mine: I sell sheet music at the following places:

Lulu - have sold music here, but not a lot, will be discontinuing this soon

SheetMusic Press - only been on here about a year, have sold one piece, recently am in the process of adding scores

ScoreExchange - only been on here about a year, no sales yet, recently added all my scores and signed up for a promotional service they offer

MusicaNeo - been on here for about 3 years, never have sold a thing, about to add all my scores

What's your story?


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  • My online commercial pursuits are not many. This is mainly because this is a hobby for me and I haven't seriously attempted much for commercial purposes.

    I made a CD which was posted to Amazon that CD is still for sale HERE . I have it on all of the main streaming sites using CD Baby as my distribution point. The process was educational for me because I learned that in order to sell online the music needs a lot of external 3rd party push to amount to anything. I also learned that I needed to up my game with respect to quality. No one told me this, I simply looked back on it and realized I could have done some things a little better next time.

    I am in the process of making another album with no timelines to completion. This time all that matters is quality. I have the capability to master and tag all of my work for distribution so I saved a lot of money there. 

    Of course, this is much different than distributing a notated composition. I have considered this as well. I think that for me though, I might be better off distributing music for direct online consumption. In order to people to actually buy music nowadays, on a scale of 1-10 they need to like it at a 12. For me this rarely happens. The consumer hears high quality music for free all day long, so why would they buy music unless they REALLY liked it?

    Herein lies our dilemma.

    I wouldn't trade my experiences or see them as negative. It's all been educational for me.

  • Hi, I have uploaded my compositions on MusicaNeo, ScoreExchange, Musicalion and SheetMusic Press (on the latter I haven't sold anything). I have also uploaded on IMSLP for free. I haven't heard about Lulu; is it good?

  • Regarding Lulu - while I did sell some there, it's really oriented towards books, not music (you can't upload an MP3 for example). I recently ended my membership.

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