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I just thought I'd let everyone know there is a great website you can use to sell your pieces. It's You upload a PDF of your full score, the individual parts, and an mp3. You must have a Paypal account (which is easy to set up), but this will help your music get noticed and sold if you're having trouble getting it out there. You get 70% of the money made off of every piece you sell (30% goes towards keeping the site up/advertising/etc). It's a small community of composers as of now, but it's working really well for those who use it. Thanks!

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  • This looks like an amazing website. I will have to look into what they do and how its distributed but so far looks good.

    Im going to move this to the Online Musical Resources so more people can see it.

  • Thanks Allison.  This looks like a good site. I will check it out. :)
  • Thanks for the hint, Allison! Have you any experience with them?
  • I have an account, but I'm apprehensive to actually upload any PDF's for sale until I have them copywrighted. I know one of the composers that goes through them though and he's never had any problems with them.
  • You already have them copyrighted. Intelectual property is instantly copyrighted the instant it is made and dated. Just make sure that you have "© Copyright (date)(your name)"

    However if you are still unsure about it, here is some information about copyrights:


    Keep in mind, the likely hood of people stealing sheet music is incredibly slim and highly unlikely.

  • Thanks a lot Tyler! I was told that my version of copyrighting (putting copyright and my name and date) was illegal and that if I didn't copyright my work, someone else could and then sue me.
  • Thank you for this! Do you know of anyone who actually sold pieces there?

  • Yes. A fellow percussion composer named Eric Peel sells his music there.

    Udi Glaser said:

    Thank you for this! Do you know of anyone who actually sold pieces there?

  • I just put a piece up for sale today, so I'll let you all know how that goes. :)

  • Checked the website. From someone who's been selling his music via royalty free websites for 2 years now, it doesn't look too promising. Who usually needs sheet music? Musicians. And they are the ones the try to make some money out of their works in the first place. It's like selling tables to a carpenter. People who need to buy music are producers, directors, podcasters, independent video artists or game makers. This site can help you meet people. To make some money out of it you need something different

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