Hi All,

Looking for feedback on the orchestration/score for this 90 second cue...  Really any constructive criticism is welcome!

I realize the tempo is on the edge of playability, but I think it's all doable--let me know if you disagree.

BTW, this was my first time using Dorico, and I was pretty happy with the default engraving results, although I can't wait for true divisi to be implemented...


Soundcloud mockup here: https://soundcloud.com/driscollmusick/electric-test

2018 ELECTRIC Draft Score01.pdf

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  • I liked everything except the ending,when you go to the staccato triplets.  I feel like there needs to be some underlying framework, bass, or percussion at least in the first three measures.  Otherwise, great job. 

  • Cool piece, and great title!  There's a lot of good things here– all the writing looks like it should work for the instruments, and is in good ranges where they sound good for what you're doing.  

    Just a couple of things that came to mind: you could consider following through phrases over to the next beat: for instance, with the one you have at the second to last bar of the first page in the flutes and clarinets, you could make that go to a B in the following bar.  That would have an effect of making things slightly smoother here and there, and it's really a minor thing (mostly an aesthetic question really, I think).  Same goes for Clarinet at bar 17– you could lead that to an E.  

    Overall, you could consider bringing out notes here and there from different lines by just doubling them in different instruments.  For example, at 23-24, if you wanted to bring out the G-G#-A line in the flutes, clarinets, english horn, etc. you could just double those notes with some instrument.  And starting from 33, you could double that trombone note in the double bass instead of having bass doubling cello, just because that would ground the texture more (if that's what you're looking for).  Double bass can be agile, but it's not as agile as cello because the intervals are physically much larger, and you'll hear it more on sustained notes than agile passages.  

    Anyway, well done again and hope you find this useful!

  • Thanks, all, for listening and commenting.

    MM, yes, indeed I am plagued by MMD (Major Mix Disorder).  I'm glad you liked the piece, mix interference and all.

    Lawrence, you mean the first three measures of the triplets section?  I think the primary thing that will come out there is the timpani part--maybe it's not coming through enough in the mix...?

    Thanks, Lara.  All very good suggestions!

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