• Nice, mysterious atmosphere. Liked how you used wind instruments in birdsong imitation -- an age-old tradition. :-)

    • Thank you H.S,

      Yes its true that many composers have tried to imitate birdsongs into music. I think it was a very fun project.

      Thanks for listening and glad you liked it.

  • this is certainly not what I would have expected from you. Not only is the instrumentation highly original but the harmonic palette is in places more adventurous than is normally the case. Most interesting! Are there any specific birdsong imitations out of curiosity?

    • Yes David, I usually don't compose music like this, its more adventurous and out of the normal form and rules of classical music. As for the bird sounds, I wasn't thinking about any particular bird sound, but just birdsongs and sounds that I was aware of from nature.


      Glad you liked it, thanks!

  • Geez, this totally transported me to another place entirely - what a serenely beautiful work!  OK, I'm going to admit some candid ignorance, but I could not place the second voice that came in after the harp - what IS that? Is it a person singing, is it some kind of Asian stringed instrument - what is it?  Aside from that, like one or two of the other posters responding, I too found your use of imitative birdsong in the flute part really creative and imaginative (and helped paint that picture of a garden) - I think Messiaen would approve :-).  Anyways, nicely done and congratulations on the accomplishment!

    • Thanks Frank, glad you liked the music.


      That instrument that you refer to yes its Asian and its called Chinese Erhu Violin, I think it has a very unique sound, very ethnic and evocative and I thought that it will work well with this piece. 


      Thanks for listening and for your comments,





  • Very nice, like the atmosphere!

    • Thanks Artur!

  • Is it because the sound of erhu that reminds me of a chinese melody, or you used that melody to bring the vibe into the music? Not sure. But I liked it very much. The erhu is like a wise elder talking about some wisdom, while the wind (piccolo or flute?) is murmuring something like a child and demand a listen.

    • Good point about the Erhu, yes it has that interesting evocative sound.


      Glad you liked it.


      Best Regards,



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