• Hi Rene, you might get more replies to your posts if you comment on others' posts. When people see a poster who only puts up their own stuff, and never comments on anything others put up, they tend to shy away.



    CF admin

  • Thanks Gavin.

    This is really good stuff.

    If you look at my history, I tried responding to other peoples' posts before with no replies.

    I am just thinking that this is the culture here in this forum.  Or my work is not important to others, very uninspiring.

    I will do it again, and try to support others.  And I would think that supporting each other is the only thing that would make a forum really alive.  

    Thanks for making this pitch, it does make sense.  



    • Hi Rene, it sounds like you're doing everything right. Even when that is the case, you still may not always get a reply. We get a lot of fly-bys here and sometimes long-term members hold off for a while to see if a person is going to stick around.


      • You are much appreciated Gavin!

        There are also numerous very sophisticated musical knowledge in this forum, and simplistic musicians like me, are like sidewalk vendors, and that might also be a factor.

        Music is do-re-mi...., and lovely music comes from these notes, and one does not have to be educated to the Masteral or Doctoral level to create beautiful music.

        Having said that, I am doing my part, to listen and maybe help and support a learning musician seeking guidance and assistance.  And this place of full of helpers (possible helpers), that might be holding up, and waiting, and most people asking for that kind of help will surely not going to stick around if the "stick around" requirement is not there.

        I am a musical fan, with no formal education in music, but I know I can hang with most musicians and although I cannot define a sohpisticated count of measure, I can make a phrase very musical and fun.  I am not a professional musician by trade, but have been around music all my life.

        But most of all, I want to learn, and learn from the best, or I will just have to make it on my own, which I have been doing all my life anyway.  So, my pitch is "struggling and hungry musician, seeking professional guidance".  

        Thanks for letting me vent a bit Gavin!!!



  • Hi Rene. Really enjoyed the song. I find it very soft and yet moving, especially when understanding the message you're trying to accomplish. I'm not familar with the format, though, as in the usual verse, chorus, bridge, etc. I was looking, while listening, and goes "hey, where's the chorus"? Something like that. But I thought section to section goes rather similar. Or maybe, I should just listen to it again if I want to figure that out. Regardless, I was trully enjoying your song.


    • Hi Sam,

      Your comments make so much sense.

      You are absolutely correct, this song is missing the basic song structure normally there.

      This particular song, was presented to me with complete lyrics and melody, and I was asked to arrange it, and put my twist into it.  I did agree to the request/proposal, and put my twist into the song, but I also preserved a lot of the original work put into the song.  The lyrics is Psalm 1, and the writer/requester used the words as written fromn the Bible.  As this song is "the Psalm 1", I wanted to keep it prayerful and solemn, and this is the product.

      I want to thank you for your great feedback, and wanted to let you know how your comments really help people like me.

      Thank you, Sam!!!



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