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I just became a member of this community a few days ago, I’ve been reading some of the threats and I find this place fascinating, for sure I will be around here frequently.

This is my first threat, and probably the reason why I wanted to find a composers forum. The situation is that I am composing the score for an animation grad film at my school, and also doing the sound design, I’ve been into music for almost five years, and this would be my first project, and it is really important as it is this person’s graduation film! 

At the beginning I didn’t want to offer my help because of my lack of experience, but I said: Just go for it! and then you will find a way to do it. I really have little experience in composition, I’ve been playing bass for five years, and piano for about two, but I became fully interested just one year ago; I know some theory but still have a lot to learn for a decent level of knowledge. And I am not studying composition.

And after all of that preview of my background..

How do you decide what to do when you have to score a film? 
At this point the idea of the film(animation) is just being started, the storyboard is not finished yet and I barely know the story, I have an idea of the style but don’t know the whole story as it has been changing. 

Should I wait until I have the story put on time and graphics to have the final piece? I’ve been experimenting and doing some tests, but I just don’t know if it is going to fit or not.

Thank you! 

“ )

P.D.: I’m attaching the two pieces I have at the moment if you want to take a look. MusictestJ is the first test I did, just to get a sense of the sad part of the story. The happy one is the last sample I composed, it is the main theme and then it stops and starts the “background music” sample. 



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  • you really can't do much until you see the film. until then it's a guessing game.

    P.S. - what you just posted is called a "thread", not "threat". I thought you were threatening us with your first threat haha.
  • Like Doug said it really is a guessing game until you get some visuals. Even if the visuals are clips or still frames, you don't really have much to go on without them. A lot of small movie directors might already know what they are going for, but in my minimal amount of experience, they hardly ever know (and are usually quick to change their mind). :P
  • I really  liked happy Julie. Just seemed right for something light-hearted and yet it had a melancholy sweetness.
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