Well I've heard back from the "Score the World 3" contest (https://www.scoretheworld.com/)

I finished in the top 100 this year with a ranking of 9th place. This was my entry - https://youtu.be/507u_U-34zs

Here is the feedback I received from the jury - https://mcusercontent.com/b6c9842f5e6911565738c05ad/files/7d590f95-e5e1-f0cc-90a7-11c9dbcd625f/2488.pdf

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  • First of all, congratulation on making the score. I really liked the music, it's fun, and it potrays the story line from the video. I was thinking that, when the boy almost got hit by the car, the music would project a sudden feeling or something similar. The instrument choice is good. The transition when it ends and when the spectators running away from the theater is on the spot (although honestly I didn't understand why they were running in the first place).


    • Thanks Sam. I think they run out becuase that paniced when they saw a kid choosing to play in the treehouse with firends instead of being addicated to his cell phone. That's my guess.

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