• Hi Stephem

    A nice and lush piece, as are all your works. I would be interested to see a score if you have one to share -


  • I like the choices of chords here. Great piano sound. This all gives the piece a nice upbeat jazz feel. The only small nit I have about it is it seems to stay too closely to the same chord relationships for something over 4 minutes long. I guess I have a short attention span, so it's probably me. I kept waiting for a departure. There were a few interesting departures that were short lived and nothing that really went too far away from the basic structure which is fine for a shorter piece for me...go too long though and it begins to sound repetitious.

    You are an excellent pianist and you have some amazing ideas!

  • Thank you, Gav, and thank you, Timothy, for your comments and critique. It often seems beneficial to be exposed to a point of view other than one's own.

  • A nice piece with a good feel. A sudden contrast with a different tempo could be an interesting try.

    Nicely played also with a great emotional touch and expressive talent. One can hear that you like the music as I do too.



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