Sax Quartet

I fixed the format for this post. The mp3 and PDF score now contain all four movements. 

Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

Recorded using Sibelius (Chamber) samples.

Here's the link to the recording:

Sax Quartet No. 1.pdf

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  • I really love the harmonic language and the rhythmic diversity throughout each movement and among the movements. I can't really fault anything in the music itself, this is a very solid piece that is well excited.

    I do feel that some of the rhtyhms could be simplified to be a little clearer. Mainly runs where you have a mix of 32nd notes next to 64th notes I feel could be simplified into some kind of duplet of some kind. Makes it easier for the performer to read as they will most likely play them all the same length anyways. I would also suggest going to a keyless score throughout. At times you have it in E-flat then to C but the harmonic language I feel is too chromatic to have it in any key. A key less score would take out a few of the natural signs and would just be easier to read. 

    I would also suggest having the score be a transposing score. There is a growing debate on if the directors score should be transposed or in the key of the instruments, but as a personal preference I like to see transposed scores. In practice its just easier to rehearse with. But thats just how I feel and you can take that advice with a grain of salt. 

    Other than that, this is a wonderful piece of music. Great job. 

  • Thanks for the feedback and encouragement, Tyler. I considered going with no key signature but believe it or not, while the harmonies can be very chromatic, I'm still trying to ground it some sense of tonality (except for that 3rd movement, all bets were off and I was simply using note centers to ground the rondo sections). I agree, Transposed Score would be better going forward.  I am gathering the players to record this piece. I'll post it when it's finished.

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