• Hello Gregorio,

    It's a beautiful piece! Many surprising twists and turns. Every time I think "ahh, this could be from blah blah" it turns the other way. Sweet! Thanks for posting...

    In the louder passages (like at time 1:35) the high end of the piano sounds a bit distorted. What piano are you using and are you using a limiter?

  • This is fantastic!! - I would love to study your harmonies. Could you please present the notes for us?

  • Hi Gregorio,

    Yet another very beautiful and expressive work in your neo-Bachian idiom. I love the two-voice counterpoint that dominates the earlier pages, reminiscent of some of the slower WTC preludes, and the unusual (and very un-Baroque) progression with which the piece begins. And the many, very fresh-sounding harmonic inflexions along the way. Thank you for sharing this!

  • Hi Joost. Thank you so much! I try to strike a balance between the familiar and unexpected, hopefully in a way that sounds convincing and sincere.  I'm glad it worked for you!  Thank you for your comments and mentioning the distortion, which I'll look in to.

    Hi Gerd.  Thank you for appreciating this piece!  PM me for the score - Im honored that you'd like to take a closer look.

    Hi Liz.  Thank you for the lovely comments.  Yes, the WTC preludes, and middle mov'ts to his concerti  seemed to be in the air.  I was hoping that bending (at places) the harmonic reference  would hit the ear as refreshing. I have one more piece to write for this book, (which has taken a year and a half!) after which  I probably won't return to this stylistic framing - (which leans retro) - for sometime..  Thanks for listening!

  • Very nice Gregorio, your ability to inject fresh sounds into traditional forms is a great skill. Might be hard to actually sarabande to this in places but that wasn't the point at all of course!  Thanks for sharing your book with us as you write it.

  • Hi Ingo. You are correct about the dancing part, although the slow pulse remains the same throughout..  Not as much license there as Chopin and his waltzes  :)

    Thanks so much for listening, and offering your kind thoughts!

  • I liked how you wrought intense emotional feel out of a form that can seem elegant but cold. The piece just flows with development that keeps your interest all the way through.

    Not sure about the introductory bars though. I didn’t feel that they were connected with what follows.

  • Thank you Michael.  The emotional content was the main driver - I'm glad it came across.

    I appreciate your mentioning of the intro..  Not that one (me) can justify why the intro works, as I know on first listening it is somewhat of a surprise of what follows, but...  that intro ( or a reference to it) does come up 2 more times in the piece.. Also, the harmonic colors of the intro do make their way into accompanying the theme...  But, I do feel you put your finger on a sensitive spot, and can understand how it may not work for some listeners.  Thank you for offering feedback about that.

    Incidentally,  I had 2 other intros that were competing -  one of them leads to the main body without a bump (sts) , and the other, the difference was even more pronounced than the one chosen..  

  • I'm not a good critic because I think everyone needs to do their thing.  But for my ears, it got a little too "metronome" at times.  Overall, it was very nice.  

    I love your chord work.  Really good. 

  • Im glad you liked the harmonic sense.  I didn't perform this one, which may have given a less metronomic sense to it, (if that is what you are alluding to).  Thanks for listening, Douglas.

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