Just an old sea song of mine. Thanks for listening.

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rough translation:

THEORY "X" ===> IN A LEAP YEAR ==> BY THE SEA 1 => EN PLO 1996/3

(STENA P & O")


I met a small sailboat
sailing northeast,
solid hull, its sail blue, very fine,
swelling to its own secrets.

I craved for its robust rig,
I craved for its hull and for its sail,
but more than this for its skipperess,
standing at the stern almost naked.

And if my heart would let me look,
the sea would fill with sails,
elsewhere to look and elsewhere to go and seek,
in a little while oblivion will take her.

Copyright © 1996 by S. Arvanitakis - All rights reserved




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  • Thanks, Nikola, glad you liked it.

    Happy New Year!

  • This piece was extremely restful, nice and peaceful tune. I like the incorporation of instruments you chose along with the tone of the choir and how you used them to help influence the piece. Quite enjoyable.

  • Thanks for the comment, Blake, and Happy New Year!

    I did try for tranquility of spirit here with my verse and melody. (something that was very absent then from my life).

    Harmonically very simple of course (a song in many cases does not have to be more complex in that department), but I congratulate you for hitting at something that it is not obvious at all:

    Although marked as for alto and tenor, the song is in fact imagined (and intended ideally) for mixed choir in the great 19th century choral tradition of three Greek islands. Corfu, Cephalonia and Zante.


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