• Hi Timothy,

    It's moody and ambient and quite well done! I am curious how you produced the guitar sound, was that a live performance? Thanks for sharing!


  •  Hi Gav,

    Thank you for listening!

    I answered a similar inquiry on another forum so I'll C/P that here. In case you don't want to read all of that, in a nutshell it's a guitar from Sampletank 4, actually it's two separate guitars with harmonics added. I do play guitar but it's easier to get good results this way because there's no bother in micing a guitar and so forth....and I'm probably a better keyboardist than guitarist.

    Made in Cakewalk.

    Here's a more detailed description for those who might want to read it-.

    I used a full KS acoustic Sampletank guitar for the first track. I play real guitars but this was easier since there's no miking etc. Admittedly  the end result is probably better but might not seem as natural. I added guitar harmonics on another track and slightly effected it. There's a second ST guitar , a nylon string playing as a second player might play to add parts. This is mostly in the low mids. The nylon strings lend well to a softer tone. Main parts are panned at about 19% L/R. Reverb is  Abbey Road Chambers using a  guitar room setting. I sent the guitar tracks to a side chain in a master compressor in the  master bus. It's the compressor typically in the master bus of the PC. The setting here were mostly to tame low mids. The ST guitars are effected slightly for realism in the ST program using mostly T-Racks plugins. Low end is rolled off in EQ below 30hz on both tracks and master.

    I have very light compression on individual guitar channels, as in it almost never kicks in. Only on the most aggressive transients. The flute is on a separate reverb and also slightly  fed to the Abbey road bus. I wanted a very spacial feel to the flute. I almost used the Boz panning plugin but used the included panners instead. My goal was a somewhat mellow guitar flavor so the high mids aren't accentuated. Thanks for the suggestion on the bell. I will see to that. 

    The master is run through a McDSP ML 4000 4. Mostly for the limiter but I also used the multiband compressor and an exciter on the transients  in the high ranges that's part of the ML4000. Limited at around -2db on the master. Mix went in at -6db. Mixed to K-14. Exported and went to Lurssen for a slight boost in overall volume and presence.

    If you can pinpoint the places where your hearing a clash I'll see what I can do. Not sure what a  track spacer is?

  • Another very nice piece in your Celtic vein, Timothy. I enjoyed it, but I did feel that the flute was perhaps a little too "recessed" and not clearly audible. Maybe that was intentional though, it gave it a very "shadowy", incorporeal sound. And no, please keep posting your work! :)

  • Thank you LIz. I will revisit the flute in the mix. I appreciate your taking the time to listen and comment. I'll keep posting then. The next one might take longer to complete :)

  • I think you should post whenever you want Tim. I say that because you are good about giving feedback to other composers here and you also share a lot of valuable information on other audio topics which we need to hear. We have a number of composers here who only show up to drop off their latest thing without trying to contribute to our community. To me that is unfair.

    This piece is very beautiful with a well chosen range of instruments that blend perfectly. There is nothing I can suggest for this, well done!

  • There is a nice quality to the flute. The image helped but I could image a sailing ship slowly gliding on the water on a sea becalmed.

    i did think the guitar was too busy at times, could have been more relaxed.

  • Ingo, Many thanks for listening and comments! I try to get round' to listen as often as I can which at times, isn't as often as I wish.

    Michael- Thank you for listening and comments! I also appreciate your honesty. This is the only way we can get better!

  • Yeah, I love the guitar sound.  Nice chords also.  Well done.  This is one of the ones I listen to more than once.  

  • Very pleasant an atmospheric. The small resources make it so easy to close eyes to and just listen.

    Nice piece of mixing.

    I'd also like to echo Ingo's point here about your contribution to the forum way beyond music files alone. You have a way of opening avenues and helping a lot with technical points. Very much appreciated. You'll never talk too much.



  • Hello Timothy,

    Very nice piece! Good atmosphere. As already mentioned, the flute is a bit too shy, it should play more in the foreground, the guitar sounds great.

    The piece seems to struggle with direction here and there. Hmm, maybe like a sailing ship in a no wind condition.

    At time 0:05 Is it my imagination or do I hear an A5 coming in here?

    At time 0:22 Introduction of the flute (f 4 sharp) can be less shy, what it plays makes perfect sense

    At 3:05 The E Major chord doesn’t work well here.

    Overall, good work, smooth harmonies, well done!

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