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Hello Colleagues,

This is the last in a series of four string quartets I am writing, the other three are further down this page if you have interest to hear them. In this one, I am mostly dividing up 7th chords and spreading the notes across the strings for the harmony. It is somewhat influenced by Chill/Trance/Ambient sounds, in that it has something of a focus on rhythm and beat. I also take another cue from those styles by cutting up the melody and moving and recombining bits of it in different ways. I had two particular goals related to strings in mind also. I wanted to try my hand at writing pizzicato and also feature the viola in a solo. As it turns out, these two goals came together in the same section. Score is included in the YouTube and as always, comments invited >

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Hi Gav,

Loved the pizzicato part. The overall sound is (like Dane Auburn said) very pleasant. I could imagine it in a game like the Sims or another easygoing game. The repetitiveness made me tune out a few times so I feel like if there were some more dynamics or otherwise attention-catching things I would like it more. However, that's just my opinion. I tend to listen to crazy orchestra music, 99 percent of the time in minor with dissonant, surprising chords, so that's probably why your quartet lost my attention. It is very good though, well done.

Hi Izzy,

Thanks so much for listening and for your feedback!


I like music that sets a mood, and this has a whimsical feeling to it. I thought the rhythmic change around ms. 20 was very effective. Such variation in rhythm is so key in any piece of music, in terms of keeping the listener's attention. And the pizzicato section was also very good. I look forward to hearing the other movements!

Hi Michael,

Thank you for listening and commenting! You've hit on something I was striving for, which is that in such a short piece, a strong contrast was needed between section A and B in order for the piece to be successful. All the pieces in the suite are the same way - ABA form. They are also already published here over the last few months, under the names Seed, Flower, and Blossom, if you care to hear them, just look further down -

Thanks again and best - 


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