Romantic Music Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

Members were asked to submit a composition in the Romantic style. 5 members participated. Please listen to all and use the survey to vote on the 3 you think best. Voting ends on January 4 at midnight EST. Thanks to all who participated in the contest!


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  • Okay, I've posted another jpg of this piece on my MyPage, this time using a sound font called Fluid, it sounds better to me, although the Bass seems to be too strong.  Let me know what you think. The earlier file was with a font called Merlin Audigy. 

    I tried to keep the harmony very conventional, not much beyond 7ths and diminished 7ths.   The dim 7ths seemed to give it a Romantic Period sound.  I tried to stay away from contrapuntal voicing etc, I tried to sit on certain harmonies by just doing arpeggios.   Some people commented on the coda.  I felt I needed to end it, but it just wasn't dramatic enough, so I kept adding to it.  I feel like I didn't really get a Romantic Period feeling in the piece.  I stayed away from more complex ensemble, orchestration etc, that's too big of a can of worms for me!   Easier for me to write for strings.  I added the Bass as an after thought, again trying to make it more dramatic.

      I think that the other entries in the contest caught the mood of Romanticism, were more expressive, much better than my piece, but they all sounded quite modern.  It's a challenge for each of us to not write in our own personal style. 

    Thank you everyone for listening and commenting.

  • Just a quick note to the entrants - there were two pieces which were too large for me to post here, which I put on my own personal YouTube page. I will be deleting them soon. Thanks again to all who entered the contest!

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