Romantic, cinematic piece

Hi all! I've been studying string writing for a while now, and decided to post this little piece here, in case you might want to listen and give comments, where I could improve at. Hardest thing for me is to decide, which instrument does what in different parts. Also I should study more mixing. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, generally it sounds nice and enjoyed each atmosphere you created, I also like the idea of using pizzicato strings, it's so refined and spot on and that context. The strings sounds are a little bit aggressive to me, I think it is because the attack time is short, but it is ok anyway.

    The only negative thing I have to say is that too many different feelings alternate and each one lasts for a very short time, this makes difficult for me to understand what exactly this piece is communicating: your composition begins with an elegant passage in the 20 first seconds, then at 0:21 there is a quite epic part (my favourite) ending in 0:43, then there is a darker part and at 0:55 there is an abrupt change to a bright mood. I would prefer to hear a smooth change between one passage and the following, especially the last one, which sounds non-uniform to me.

  • Hi Alfred, thank you very much for the critique!

    I agree that I could tweak the attack time. First the legato notes were lagging a lot, and I guess I changed it too dramatically.

    I didn't think that too many different feelings would be a problem, but it's a spot on critique. I guess I tried to tell too much, when trying to squeeze everything in 1 minute time frame.

    Thanks a again!

  • Hi Lassi,
    My first listen did not instill a sense of a romantic piece.
    It was more a sense of wonderment.
    Don't know if you're a Star Trek fan but in The Wrath of Khan movie there is a scene where
    Dr. Carol Marcus shows Captain Kirk her Genesis Device.
    Her comment to Kirk is "...can I cook or can't I?"
    with the backdrop of this huge cave that appears to have an entire world built into it.
    The Genesis Device

    This was the emotion that your piece brought about.

    :lol:  We could all study more mixing.
    And don't sit next to a drummer if you're playing live.
    That hasn't helped my mixing either.
    I thought at around 0:14-0:16 it sounded like it was clipping.
    Are you using any compression or limiters?
    You might want to ease off a bit if you are.
    I did enjoy the content.  
    Thanks for  bringing back the memories of the Genesis Project.

    16 Can I Cook or Can't I?
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Expanded Score) by James Horner.© GNP Crescendo Records 1982
  • Hi Dan,

    Thank you very much for commenting, I really appreciate it. That's actually true, when I'm listening to it again, that it has a sense of wonderment. I've watched only the movies, so unfortunatelly I haven't seen or heard that passage before. I watched it in Youtube, and I love it :).

    Yes, I've avoided drummers :D. I admit, I started using a compressor after I failed to make the strings loud enough to my taste with CC1 and CC11. I think I have to study Spitfire Mural a bit more.

  • Thanks a lot Bob for the comment. It's interesting when reading other person's comment on my piece, and then listen to the piece again, the comment is so right. The pizz -> tremolo change might be too abrupt.

  • It seems like there was a lot going on in that 1:12.  I thought your arrangement was fine.  But I found myself asking, what are you saying with it?    

    It started with a particular mood, then there was an emotional shift at :21.  From that point on, I envisioned perhaps a turning point in a romantic movie.  Cinematic?  Yes.  I just couldn't quite decide what direction you were going on.

    Otherwise, it was a very interesting piece.


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