• I ilke this sort of music and I think this composition and performance handles it very well and makes it enjoyable.  I would have liked though a note giving the name and composers for the originals.

    I've posted something from the same era on this site here.

    Jeune Fillette
    Jeune Fillette     This is my setting for soprano, flute, and cello of a French song of the "Bergerette," or artificial pastoral, type popular in th…
    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks for listening and commenting. I'm glad you asked for the sources. Most of these dances can be found in the Flemish archives. "La Romance" consists of two dances: La Romance d' Estelle and La Colère du Père Duchesne . They can be found in the  collection of P.J. Vanpelt (Maastricht, 1786), in the archives of the Church of Our Lady (O.-L.-Vrouwekerk) at Tongeren. Most of these collections are of course in handwriting and/or copper engraving print. Some of them have been reedited in facsimile in the years 2000-2010. The arrangement is fully mine, because there's only a melody line in the original.

      This recording is live by my chamber orchestra (1998) De Kleine Compagnie.

      Hope this will do,


      • Thanks for tne reference.  I maintain a library of old music books, mostly digitized copires available on liine, and if I find any of those texts I'll post their source.

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