• Very nice Bob, I thought the rise and fall was very well paced with some tasteful variations leading to an interesting ending.  Very cinematic, I was seeing opening sequences for various movies as I listened. Good work as always!

  • A very pleasant and mellifluous work with good contrast (particularly around 3:07) and a satisfying finish. It would be good to see a score (if you have the wherewithal to produce one with your current software). If you see this as an overture would you consider extending it into a larger work? Also, what picture did you have in your mind as you composed the piece? It's  tranquil, smooth and relaxing and, as Ingo comments, would make a good film soundtrack.

    Thank you for posting.


  • The few times I discuss my hobby with anyone, I say something about writing music for orchestra in a filmscore style. Its not really multi-movement concert music. So this piece is surly the hero coming to his senses and rising from the ashes. And over done in all its glory.

    This is in Sibelius so I can produce a score, but it's not really set up for real players. It's more marked up to get Sibelius to play it like I want.

    Thanks, guys, for listening and commenting.

  • A true funeral march with all its sorrow and drama that belongs to such a piece. Very brilliant to be able to activate these emotions that I feel when listening. Beautiful.



  • Thanks Kjell. I hadn't actually thought of it as a funeral march. Yes, the opening statement of the theme is sort of in minor. But  in the third measure of the second time through we land on a big major chord. This one chord came about quite by accident, and changed the entire piece for me. From there I pictured a more uplifting piece.

    But, hey, we all hear different things. That's what it's all about. Thanks for listening. I'm pleased you liked it.

  • I enjoyed listening and plonking along to it on the keyboard.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Kudos Robert, this is enchanting and solemn. I envisioned a band of Vikings on a shore, launching a boat holding the body of a fallen friend and hero. After the boat drifted away, a team of archers lit their arrows and shot them at the funeral barge.

    As the flames arose, the soul of the warrior arose with them... into the 'heavens'.  Nice job. You are a 'rising star'.   RS

  • Image result for viking band

  • Yeah,  That's the ticket.  har har

  • Hi Bob

    Nice work. lovely slow burn on the strings for first couple of minutes. Quite a change around 3.28 after the drum roll - really effective. Overall a great piece.

    Cheer, Colin

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