People who have seen me before know that recorder is my main instrument, and that's almost exclusively what I write for. In my exploration of just what is possible I thought I'd write a Latin-ish piece and be as rythmic as possible. So here is a two-chord piece (apart from the middle section) that I hope maintains your interest for 4 minutes or so.

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  • I think I remember why I never stick around this forum terribly long.

    • Well, you captured my interest and while I don't expect you to post another of your works for my benefit I look forward to hearing more. (Please, however, bear in mind I'm not here every day so a reply may not be immediate.)

      I gave it some thought following your comment about the closeness of the overall range and it would seem quite an art composing something for a recorder orchestra.

  • Point is, what did you want said about it, if anything?

    It 'is'. I listened to it though it isn't my kind of music - nothing to do with recorders themselves but the composition didn't work, for me.



    • So why doesn't it work? Too monotonous? Too incoherent? Unbalanced? Too avant-garde / too old-fashioned?

      That's what I'm interested in: how you experience it.


      • No, I just said it didn't work for me. Looks like it did for Gavin. I replied to your comment to let you know at least someone had listened.

        But since you've asked, I felt the close (or close-ish) harmony among the lower recorders tended to sound a bit muddy, possibly because these instruments are low in harmonics with preponderant odd-numbered ones (correct me if I'm wrong) that cause 'interesting' intermodulations but can sound thick. Latin is light and airy and I wondered if widening the spacing or even reducing the instrumentation to just one great bass for the bass part/rhythm may give the piece more lilt.

        I know nothing about recorders but am a great fan of Latin and Caribbean music (from the Antilles). Give me the singer Shassy any time over the dross we have in the UK. Got some life to her, she has. Her 'Jere Stress' video says it all!

        • Thanks. That's a useful thought. While recorders come in a fairly wide range, they are still somewhat close together, and I may have clumped too many of them at the bottom.


  • Hi Viktor,

    This is very well done and composed. A sweet tune with a light heart. The Latin beat is infectious! Thanks for sharing!


  • Vic, I love this! Such a joyful work, and I enjoy the close harmonies, and the upbeat rhythm. As someone who was only aware of classical recorder music, or recorder music for beginners, this really opened my eyes. I had no idea of the possibilities in recorder ensembles, and in a contmporary style. Keep doing this!
    I also enjoyed browsing other music on your soundcloud account you have written, and will listen more when I have time.

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