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Hi guys this is my new composition, hope you enjoy.


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Great piece mate! Shame the sound was so distorted/saturated, especially in the loud passages, but overall great! Nice development, nice climax, interesting harmonies... Deserves a place in the pantheon of rhapsodies!

An accomplishment indeed. Easy to listen to, light, 

However, while I listened to it throughout I haven't the time to comment on 24 mins worth even though there aren't many comments to make. The harmony worked, the instrumentation is excellent. so is the balance between piano and orchestra.

Wow!!! I listened to the entire piece and it is magnificent! I kept thinking; “How’s he going to end this thing?” Unfortunately the ending was cut off in mid-phrase. I just noticed at your website that this piece is actually 35 minutes. That’s a long time, to be sure, but if the last few minutes are as good as these nearly 25 minutes (and I’m sure they are) then that works for me.

There are so many great bits strewn here and there it’s hard to keep track. Many times I would be expecting a resolution at the end of a phrase only to be thrown into a new key and that’s a good thing. Some of the key changes were stark but my ear adjusted quickly. And man there are a lot of key changes... and again, that’s a good thing, especially for a piece this long.

After the mid-point it became very eclectic and kept things interesting. I loved all the build ups to your many melodic themes and there were many. Any one of those melodic phrases would work as a cinematic cue.

My favorite part is the descending chord progression at 15:40 which then repeats in a different key and with different voicings at 18:11... just gorgeous!

This piece must have been a joy to compose and arrange and must have taken a good chunk of time (but who counts minutes, hours, days, months, and *gulp*... years when creating art?)

This is a great piece that kept my ears smiling from... uhhh, ear to ear!

Great work! You know your stuff!

Thanks so much for your comments guys


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