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Some users are reporting difficulty using the Editor. At present there is no solution other than to clear your browser's cache or switch to another browser. If you are having any problems, please report them here. Please include a description of the problem and when you first noticed it happening. If you have any of the following information to add, would be helpful:

Hardware: (examples: PC, Mac)

Type of computer: (examples: Desktop, Laptop, Pad, Phone)

Operating System: (examples: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)

Browser: (examples: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome)

Browser version:

Screenshots showing the problem:


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  • I fired up an antique computer to try this (as my regular two won't allow me to edit) and once more, I can't edit. What's more I can't "quote". 

    I'm using Opera 52.0,

    on Windows 7


    Adblocker installed

    (coal fired, good head of steam!)

  • Mine still won't work!

    Desktop PC/Windows 7/MS Edge.


  • The more who report and the more details you can provide, the better. I will be sharing this thread with Ning

  • Point is, it did work until - well, guessing here - probably about the end of January.

    I blame Brexit. :D

  • Gav,

    The only problems I had seemed to be with the time allowed for edits. I sometimes need to go back a day later and that can't happen here.


  • Thanks all for responses so far. Timothy, the 15-minute edit time window is normal and can't be changed. To all: I will be sharing this thread with Ning at the end of the week, so if you have anything to share, do it before then please.

  • Hi Gav,  I can't edit or quote either.

    Desktop, Win 7, Firefox 65.0.1

  • Thanks all, and in response to Saul: you can't edit replies on your thread, that is normal. The other issue you raise is not normal. All, please keep your responses coming, I will be sharing this thread with Ning at the end of the week - 


  • ^^^ (Apologies for the pointing upward to your post, Gav, but I can't quote either.

    I think Saul is saying that if someone starts a thread then people (and perhaps that same original poster) replies, that person can click on "options" next to the add button (to the right beside the user/member name), then clicks on the option "edit the diescussion", that person's original post opens up to be edited. It doesn't have to be within the fifteen minute window. 

    I've just done it. I posted some music late this morning. I had one reply but just now (11:22pm).reopened the post by this means and put a few asterisks at the foot. 

    I posted a work late this morning 

  • Thanks Dane, I do know that the original post can always be edited

This reply was deleted.