Render Cycle Mtv. 1 and 3

This is from my partial premier of my song cycle. Let me know what you think. 

Soprano: Justine Halamicek 
Pianist: Valeria Diaz

Render Cycle is a ten movement song cycle set to the poems of Rebecca Gayle Howell; a local poet who wrote Render /An Apocalypse, which was selected by Nick Flynn for the 2012 Cleveland State University Poetry Center's First Book Prize and is a finalist for ForeWord Review's 2013 Book of the Year. The poems are a collection of 'how to' poems for subsistence farming life. The poems and music depict farming life, not in a pastoral way, but in a reflective and often harsh light. Much like subsistence farming itself, the music has utilizes very little material with no ornamentation or unnecessary additions.
For the Partial Premiere only two movements were performed:
How to Wake

How to Kill a Hen

How to wake.pdf

How to Kill a Hen.pdf

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  • Hey Tyler, I found these memorizing and a little haunting in the piano part. The vocalist was superb.  Good job!


  • Glad y'all both liked my piece


    I hope you enjoy the second movement as well. As far as meaning in the words, I let the poetry basically write the music. With this cycle I actually did research on sustenance farming and really designed the music to be subservient to the text and its meaning; kind of how composers were in regards to monody in the early Baroque. 

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