Recording with SSO?

Ok, so I'm sort of new to the whole computerized aspect of music composition, and have previously handwritten everything (which is ok, until you get to the wind ensemble pieces... ugh). Anyways, I got Sibelius 6 on a student discount, because I heard it was the easiest to write stuff in, and I agree as of right now (I've had it for about a month) but there is one thing in particular I DESPISE about it: its horrendous playback. I'll admit, I do enjoy being able to look back and see if I made any mistakes with the chord structure, but man does it sound awful. It almost ruins what the song is supposed to sound like in my head.

So, more to the point, I was looking around at some of the compositions around here, and I noticed that the sound recording was infinitely better than whatever I had to deal with, and I though it was some really expensive program, or one that didn't allow for musical notation (like Cubase), and was saddened, until I saw that there was something called SSO that was free and still sounded very nice. So i tried to download it, but I cannot open it. At all. I've deleted it and tried again and again and again. Every time it says the files are corrupted and I can't do anything with them. I've even tried from different sites. Anyways, if I can fix this problem, what do I do afterwards to apply them to my Sibelius MIDI playback?

Thanks so much

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