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    WINTER I - Score and parts.pdf
  • Paul, Very very beautiful music. I interpret some of it as echoes of Celtic music.

    I would really enjoy hearing this piece in a live concert.


  • WOW!
    Great job! It's stunning! Excellent motivic work! 
    Give us more, please!

  • Thankyou Mariza for the compliment, very much appreciated.

    Recorded Piece "Winter" 1st Movement
    I was able to get a few recordings a couple years ago. This piece is the 1st movement of my Seasons Quartets. Each quartet has 3 movements, so this s…
  • Thanks Jacob, Ill post the 2nd movement( which is called midnight and played by humans) and then the 3rd (played by computer chips) when I get a minute. Appreciate the reply - yes I love motives....

  • Wow! This is awesome! Full and brimming over with ideas, and never a boring moment.  I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have tried writing for quartet before, but I have to say, all my efforts pale in comparison with this. Good job on writing for a medium that isn't so easy to master.

  • Thanks H.S, yes string quartets is my favourite medium to write in.

  • Paul,

    Nice tight writing certainly work your performers hard and they earn their money I think. Many evocations of winter - a sense of driving snow and a slight Russian feel here and there throughout the piece. I like it very much indeed and note the fine attention you have paid to the score itself - very professionally done. I presume you play a stringed instrument yourself?

    Strings are the instruments I am least well educated in but I have learnt one or two things from studying your score, thank you. And on this note I wonder if you would kindly listen and look at the attached - my rather grandiosely titled Opus 2 No.1 - it's my first attempt at composing for a string quintet and I'd welcome your input if you can find the time.

    Many thanks,


    Op2 No1 String 5tet.pdf

    String Quintet Op.2 No.1..mp3
  • Hi Stephen.

    I like your work, its very good. Ive never written a string quintet myself, as I like the balance of a string quartet, and the "just enough" instrumentation to conduct a musical argument with no "padding" available. To me a st quintet often sounds a bit heavy. In your case, I would not have chosen a double bass as it sounds very bottom heavy at times. I would choose a 2nd viola or maybe even a 3rd violin. Using pizz to lighten the bass and provide contrast too.

    You have a good sense of melody , harmony and rhythm and your piece is a very pleasant listen. I thought it could have included a few more minor key passages to add further contrast.

    All in all , very nice job Stephen.

  • Hi Paul,

    Yes, on reflection there are a number of major key modulations in here but only a small section in A minor...most unusual for me as I've received comments about other compositions saying the opposite...why so much minor mode stuff? I guess you can't please everyone all of the time (to coin a phrase). Oddly enough tho' I've sold a couple of dozen scores and parts since publishing this piece at the end of February this I'm pleased to say that some people are at least struggling their way through it.

    I started off writing it for string quintet but, after I'd finished, thought maybe it's better suited to string orchestra. I get what you say about the CB occasionally sounding a bit heavy so have taken your advice and removed some of the doubling and introduced a little bit of pizzicato - and yes, it does improve matters slightly so many thanks for the suggestions.

    Next time around I'll consider a 2nd Viola instead of CB.

    All the best,


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