I will be applying for college in the next two years and I am currently searching for schools to apply to. The problem is that when searching for schools, most only focus on the performance majors and not composition.


Some schools I am looking into are Eastman, Manhattan School of Music, Yale, and others.


Are those good options? What other schools should I consider?

I know I still have time to decide, but some schools require a piano supplement, and although I can play piano passably, it is not my main instrument. I am also trying to decide if I should focus on piano, or if I can stay focused on my main instruments (violin, percussion, and saxophone). Any suggestions are appreciated!!


Thank you so much!


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  • I'm interested in film scoring, but right now I am more experienced at traditional classical composing, so that is probably the route I'll take. Thanks so much for your suggestions!
    I looked at Columbia, and although I know they are not known for a stellar music program, they offer the opportunity to study at Julliard as well. Would it be a good option to pursue a "back-up" major (besides composition) and do composition as well?
    I have previosly looked at Julliard, NYU, UCLA, and Berklee and found all of them to be good ftis for me. I will look up the other colleges as well!

    P.S. I love jazz composition but am hesitant about finding a job for that after I graduate...

    Chris Alpiar said:
    I assume you are talking about traditional composition and not jazz composition?

    I dont know I would choose Yale for composition, but hey if you have family ties to go there, why not, you can be a senator who composes ;-D

    Also are you interested in traditional classical composition programs or film scoring?


    Classical (non film):
    Royal Conservatory

    Film Music:
  • Thanks for all the advice. This summer I am attending a composition camp at Eastman, so hopefully that will help me decide which path to follow.
  • These are all good...Oberlin and Temple should be added to that list as well.
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