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Hi All,

Introducing a piano sonata that I recently reconstructed from juvenilia; enjoyed working on this Prokofiev-esque creation. I'm not a strong pianist, so would be particularly interested in any technical feedback!


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  • as the piano sonatas by Prokofiev are the best of the 20th century in my view, I listened to this with interest. This certainly has its moments - the end of the slower middle movement is ravishing --. but I feel taken as a whole it's somewhat unvarying emotionally. There is not quite enough of the tonal light, shade or simply personal stamp that you definitely do get with your model (or that I found in something like your 2nd symphony) -- but it's certainly an interesting exercise nonetheless and is certainly short enough to not outstay its welcome.

    • Thanks for the comments! I am indeed pleased with the ending of the 2nd movement, and I enjoyed working on the piece; there may be more piano music to follow! I'd agree it's not a magnum opus overall. 

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