Rate chart

A couple of weeks ago I was cruising the forum, and ran across a discussion about how much to charge.  Someone had given a link to a great rate chart for television & film composing, but now I can't find it.  Does anyone know of such a chart anywhere?



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  • That's hilarious. "Dude, it's button # 26 on you Casio."

    Lisa Smolen said:

    BTW... as a funny side note... my better half got a compliment on Twitter for a recent episode, and he responded with something very simple "I am discovering my voice as a composer". This other person, apparently not a native English speaker, totally did not get what that statement meant! He went on to say, "I play with the voices on my keyboard, too, so how did you discover which one you like best?" And now... MBH can't seem to get rid of this guy - he's constantly asking "which voice" he used in this scene or that... Figured every single person here would get a kick out of this story!!!!
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