• Hi, Catherine, I like the attention you paid to clarifying the fingering. I don't know if it's necessary to include the chord names, but I appreciated that, too. I think the piece could benefit from clear reference points for the ear to grab onto. Adding articulation and changes in the rhythm placed to mark melodic movement and define structure would help bring out the musicality of the piece. As it is, there is no ebb and flow, and nothing for the ear to grab hold of, or reference back to. Real rapids contain punctuating sounds of the waters slapping against the rocks, amidst the constant movement of rushing water. Is this through composed, or does it have another form?

  • Thanks for the review, Janet.  Yes, I'd say this piece is through-composed.  I composed it really as an improvisational exercise as a teenager.  I hadn't listened to any classical guitar pieces, and I wasn't sure at all how to write in any form.  I also had no lessons, further adding to my lack of musicality.    My careful attention to clarifying the fingering is due to two things:  1) There are a number of ways to finger this, and I think this way is the most enjoyable way, even fun way, to play it. and 2) I need these details to play it myself, because of my lack of training!   Your ideas about dynamics and  ebb and flow are greatly appreciated, and I will try to make some changes.  I did think that the phrase from the beginning (m1 - m11) that is repeated at measure 17, gave this piece some repetition and structure, but now I see that it was not enough.  The name was an afterthought - as I felt it was somewhat rapid-like.  I have 3-4 more little, not-so-well crafted miniatures with a "Waterfall-ish" feel, that I have yet to notate.  :)

  • Hello Catherine.

    Quite a nice little study piece. However, you don't need all of those fingerings unless it is a tutor book. Also instead of the text saying what strings to play the Bs on, simple numbers in circles would be better for the strings used. Why have the last notes got the letter names in them?

    So just one bar of fingerings and then the word "sim" would be fine.

  • Thank you for your review, Adrian!  I'm glad you liked it, I have others, and I will call them short study pieces instead of miniatures from now on.  Also -   I'll leave the fingerings out and the last notes are not supposed to have letter names on them.  Oops!  :)

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