• Very nicely done Beethovenius.
    I got a good sense of several variations of dousings of rain in this piece.
    My only nit is that I thought it was a bit too long.
    Perhaps if you had completely changed up the time signature at around 2:45 (something very very slow with different instrumentation)and then come back as you did at 3:23 it might help.
    But that is entirely my selfish uneducated opinion.
    Good work.

  • Nice! I really liked it and it would make perfect music for a rainy day stuck inside. I do think it wouldn't hurt to have some kind of variation at one point, but I wouldn't push for it that much. I like it the way it is even if it drags slightly. Good job and thanks for sharing.

  • Wow Beethovenius, this is a really nice track! 

    I love how the lightning strikes at 01:55, it was unexpected and it fits quite well! 

    Also looks like a good tune for a rainy day, stuck inside. 

    Great work!

  • Delightful piece, Beethovenius...

    To be honest, call me crazy which many have, but other than the thunder sounds, I did not emotionally connect this song to a rainy day.  It did not evoke a feeling of melancholy or dreariness.  In my opinion, it was more uplifting than rain. 

    I enjoyed the way you varied the dynamics.  

    Nicely done, and certainly made me feel better than a rainy day does!!


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