Here I've done a quick video showing how I work and how quickly you can get ideas down using Cubase. enjoy!

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  • Liked your video - I wondered if you use expression maps? I realise the purpose is a quick mock up of course. It was interesting to see you working in the key editor rather than with score.

  • I don't have cubase 6 (I think that is the one with the new expression maps) I'm afraid, and no I find it much faster with the pianoroll function, The scores on cubase look awful anyway, I'd always export it and score it with Sibelius, but for writing, cubase and pianoroll works for me :)

    cheers :)

  • Hi John¬† I think expression maps are also in Cubase 5, though there are a few minor bugs - when looping for example - they are worth checking out. As for Cubase score, you will get much better results when you use display quantise well, but working in the key editor is fine if your brain is wired this way of course.

    The manual on expression maps is a bit obscure, you can get some popular maps at Riveted Studios but not I fear for Miroslav

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