Hi there, I have a question….I'm searching a piece for 2 trombones + wind orchestra because I'll play a solo with a friend and we have to find a piece that we want to play.

So, I was wondering if anybody of you knows a piece for 2 trombones + orchestra ? All propositions are welcome !

Daniel Moretti

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  • Write one.
  • There's also duet for trombones and wind orchestra by Charles Smalls
    Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band
  • "Two trombones and orchestra?"

    That's a tough one.

    Offhand, I can't even think of a "trombone concerto" for ONE trombone and orchestra, much less two.

    Oh, wait. Here is a website that lists "100 trombone concerti."

    Why not just choose one of these, and make it for two. That would make it easier. You could just split up the various passages.

    I think the composers forum should gather together all of its forces, especially its premiere composers, and write a concerto for two trombones, just for you.

    Or perhaps, a trombone concerto for the left hand, where one trombonist could sound the notes played using the thumb and index finger, and the second trombonist could play the rest.


    I JUST REMEMBERED. A while back, I finished writing a sort of Concerto for multiple trombones and orchestra. I call it

    "Trigrammic Prognostications for Trombones, Strings and Wind Instruments"

    I posted on youtube, less than two months ago, if you would like to hear it.

    It requires some unusual sound resources, but these can be recorded and played back with orchestral and choral accompaniment. If you want a “modern piece,” you might find it interesting. It would have to be rescored to give prominence simply to the two trombones.

    This is a fairly short work (less than seven minutes long) based on approaches towards gradual tone bending and glides used by such composers as Ligeti and Xenakis, though it sounds fairly “tonal” due to the use of “trigrammic” chords. These are just chords that look like Chinese trigrams, and therefore sound rather like simple three note C major chords, until they start to bend (and even then, they often bend or glide in parallel motion).

    Christian Lindberg - Solo Trombonist, Composer, Conductor
  • Thank you very much for your help !!

  • Ondib, how fast could you arrange your work for just brass, woodwinds, percussion, and featuring 2 trombones plus producing a score?
  • What an interesting question! “How long would it to arrange this work for just brass, woodwinds, percussion, and featuring 2 trombones plus producing a score?”

    Frankly, I don’t know.

    I thought a bit about what it would sound like if the strings were taken out. Trombones can do glissandi, tone bends, pitch glides, and so on, easily. I can’t really imagine other brass instruments or woodwinds doing the same thing, at least not with as much ease. (That’s why I relied heavily on string instruments, especially celli and double bass, in the original version). One could theoretically approximate with two sets of different instruments tuned approximately one quarter-tone apart, and some innovative breathing techniques. But that would not be the same.

    Then there is the matter of simulated sounds, electronic or computer generated sounds.

    It might be very difficult to translate this into a score that could be used by a conventional brass and woodwind ensemble.

    This is because it was written especially for the computer software, making use of its capabilities, rather than those of a live ensemble.

    I used Logic Pro 9 to create this, though I just installed Logic Pro X on a more advanced computer. I don’t yet have it fully up and running. I am not sure if Logic Pro X has better “score” generating capacity than Logic 9.

    Any score I created would have to be looked at and corrected by a person with much more expertise than I have on creating a useable, workable and practical score.

    If you know anyone who wants to perform it, I suppose with some help, I could get a score ready for the upcoming concert season.

    Rodney Carlyle Money said:
    Ondib, how fast could you arrange your work for just brass, woodwinds, percussion, and featuring 2 trombones plus producing a score?
    Graffiti 2000 S.r.L.
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