• You first go to soundcloud, to the piece you want to post. press share and copy the widget code.

    Now go to your profile, press edit on the field you want to post it then click on "HTML" (the button all the way to the right). This will display the code for your text. Then you just paste the widget code from soundcloud and press save.

    Did this help?

  • Spiros, exactly where should I be putting the HTML or Widget? 

    Ray, thanks.  I did understand how to get the SoundCloud widget but other's may not and your video tutorial will help.

    Here is the process (that did not work) which I first used on my CF profile page:

    1) IN Music Player: Add Music (small text on left under music player)

    2) On Add Music page in bottom left of page is an option "add music by URL"

    3) That choice leads to a page form to add URLs.  "Enter the URL to each MP3 you'd like to add:"

    4) I added the SoundCloud URL -- simple html, not widget.

    It shows up and looks like it was accepted but it does not play in my music player.

    Does this mean that the Music Player does not accept SoundCloud URLs or am I just doing this wrong.  I do understand how to embed a widget or a reference URL in a posting on CF but I was attempting to get my music player to make use of the soundcloud files.

  •   Spiros, I see that your suggestion about inserting HTML is for our usual dialogue boxes (what I am typing here).  The HTML button is on far right.  But my question was about using the Music Player on my profile page.  The process is different there.
    B Gray said:

    Spiros, exactly where should I be putting the HTML or Widget? 

    Question -- how to soundcloud
    I posted several of my pieces on my profile page in the player using the soundcloud URLs for each but none of them play.  What am I doing wrong?
  • I saw your first line -- don't need to read again.  What is confusing is the 2nd choice on the player upload page (not upload by mp3 but by URL).  It says "add music by URL"   Yet a soundcloud URL doesn't function.  My assumption was that since soundcloud operates via URL/HTML links the player would accept them.  Apparently not.

  • Indeed it doesn't. This options refers to uploading an mp3 file directly from another location, other than your computer. Soundcloud does not provide direct links to files (at least, I don't think it does), so you can't use it that way. But it's very easy to just add pieces from soundcloud on the text box in your profile.

  • Ok, here is how to create a soundcloud player on your personal profile page.  After a fair amount of trial and error I figured out some added information.  Primarily that you need to work with SoundCloud "sets."

    On Sound Cloud:

    First in SoundCloud you need to create a "set" by adding individual pieces.  For each individual piece there is a button choice "add to set".   Once you have created a set and added music to it that you wish to share, click the share button and create and copy the widget code.  (as Ray's video demonstrates).

    On your Forum Profile page:

    In the section that allows you to add media there is a form.  In the menu list of icons there is an icon of film strip (3rd on left after "link" and "image").  Click the icon and insert widget code from SoundCloud.  Save.

    What was confusing was 1) the existing "My Music" Player does not play SoundCloud html / urls even tho it looks like it accepts the link.   2) While I could see how to insert individual pieces from SoundCloud, it took figuring out that the way to create a SoundCloud "player" here on the forum was by using widget code from what was called a "set" in SoundCloud.  I had not realized that sets could be shared in the same way individual pieces of music could be shared.

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